Corporate Vision: Do the best when you do it, do things wholeheartedly, be a real person! We insist: the pursuit of excellent quality and service, the pursuit of the best reputation and ethics, the pursuit of the best development and benefits. Be realistic, innovative, and create international top products!

Business purpose: to make the best two-color plastic mold products, so that every user is truly satisfied!

Corporate values: earnestly do your daily work, do everything you want to do and must do with your heart, do your best, and accumulate a little more experience for your life every day!

Business philosophy: Use modern and scientific management to manage the enterprise well, and to do a good job of every product that leaves the factory so that everyone can rest assured! Make a contribution to the revitalization of national enterprises!

Corporate style: Be serious and attentive to work, care about relatives and friends, and be responsible to customers!

Corporate Principles: Be your own enterprise, be a national enterprise, and be a well-known and outstanding enterprise that is responsible to the country and the society!