Brief description: The main classification of metal packaging


Metal packaging is an important part of my country's packaging industry, and its output value accounts for about 10% of the total output value of my country's packaging industry. It mainly provides packaging services for industries such as food, cans, beverages, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, stationery and cosmetics. At present, my country's demand for metal packaging has a very broad future, and the demand is relatively large.

From January to November 2007, my country's metal packaging container manufacturing industry achieved a total industrial output value of 44,491,82,000 yuan, an increase of 25.42% over the same period of the previous year.

The demand of my country's packaging industry puts forward higher requirements for metal packaging not only in terms of quantity and quality. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, my country's packaging industry will continue to grow rapidly. By 2010, my country's packaging industry market will exceed 500 billion yuan, an average growth rate of 9%. my country's metal packaging is expected to reach about 50 billion yuan. Metal packaging has entered a new growth opportunity period. Metal packaging products are rich, application fields are very broad, and there is huge room for development.

In the past ten years, my country's economy has continued to increase at a double-digit rate, and people's living standards have continued to improve, especially as the consumption concepts of contemporary young people have changed. Metal-packaged beverages, food, and cosmetics are very popular among them. In 2006, my country’s beverage output was 41 million tons and became the world’s second largest beverage producer after the United States. The deepening development of my country's petrochemical products, fine chemicals, and daily-use chemical products has not only expanded domestic demand, but also increased exports, and has provided a huge potential market for metal packaging.

There are many different types currently included on Baidu:

Metal bucket: a container with a larger capacity made of sheet metal

Capacity: 35L, 45L, 50L, 63L, 80L, 100L, 200L, 208L

Specifications: small opening barrels, middle opening barrels, pails, special-shaped top barrels, full opening tapered steel barrels, full opening barrels, straight opening barrels,

Open necked steel drums, etc.

Metal materials used: hot-rolled steel sheet, cold-rolled steel sheet, cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheet

Metal cans: small-capacity containers made of thin metal plates (sealed and unsealed)

Representative products: two-piece cans, round cans, aluminum beverage cans, steel beverage cans, round, oval, and square shaped cans

Empty cans: Metal materials used: aluminum alloy sheet, tinned sheet steel

Special-shaped cans: three-piece cans, round cans, beverage cans, food cans, gift cans, art cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans. Metal materials used: tin-plated steel sheet, chrome-plated steel sheet

Metal aerosol can: a metal container composed of an airtight metal shell and valve that can withstand a certain internal pressure

Representative products: aluminum aerosol cans, round shoulder, oblique shoulder, step shoulder, tinplate aerosol cans (three-piece aerosol cans), straight cans, neck-shrinking cans, etc.

Metal closure: a set of (species) devices added to the container, its purpose is to keep the contents in the container and prevent

Contaminated contents

Representative products: barrel sealer screw type, pressure type, top pressure type, closed hoop type

Metal materials used: cold-rolled steel sheet, tin-plated steel sheet, chrome-plated steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet