Haojun Mould Brief: What are the steps for two-color mould test


A set of new molds can only be sent to customers after trial molds, and mold trial is also a very cautious step. In order to avoid wasting time in mass production, miss good opportunities! And confusion, adjust and operate various production process standards, find out the appropriate temperature and working pressure standards, and formulate standard test procedures, so what are the test steps? Haojun Mould gives you a detailed introduction:

1. Compare the specifications of the two-color modulus on each mold. Note:

(a) Whether the product specifications are stable.

(b) Whether certain specifications show an upward or downward trend, which indicates that the processing standards for equipment production are still changing, such as poor temperature control or steam pressure operation.

(c) Whether the specification change is within the dimensional tolerance range.

2. Run the newly adjusted for 30 minutes until it is stable, and then carry out a dozen two-color molds of the size, mark the date. The total number on the mold shells, and place them separately according to the mold cavity to facilitate the detection of stable operation and The manipulated size tolerance of the exporter. (Particularly suitable for porous mold shellfish).

3. Effective adjustment to reduce the total production and processing cycle.

5. Before the equipment and two-color mold standards stabilize, small and medium-sized equipment may also need to wait more than 30 minutes. You can use this time to inquire about problems that the product is likely to cause.

6. Adjust the working pressure and injection volume in order to produce products that meet the shape requirements; however, burrs cannot be removed, especially when the finished products of some mold cavities are not completely solidified, consider before adjusting various operating standards, because The filling rate changes slightly, so it may cause large modulus deformation.

7. Clean up the material pipe to prevent inferior plastic particles or miscellaneous materials from being injected into the structure, and because of inferior decomposable plastic particles and miscellaneous materials, it is possible to make the mold beka together. Check whether the temperature of the barrel and the temperature of the two-color mold are suitable for the raw materials used in production and processing.

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